KITCHEN THINKS offers new equipment and smallwares product development support to foodservice equipment manufacturers and foodservice operators within the commercial hospitality industry

For Manufacturers


Arguably, there has never been a more competitive time in the commercial foodservice equipment marketplace.  Product differentiation has waned, leading to a constant battle for lower prices just to remain competitive.  There is pressure to grow overall revenue while the prices on products drop.  More and more companies introduce similar products with introductory low pricing to buy market share – a cycle which seems to be never ending.  Some even say that 0% growth is the new 10% growth.  These are all classic signs of a mature industry. 

Kitchen Thinks assists commercial foodservice equipment and smallwares manufacturers with new product development that targets marketplace gaps.  Strategies are used to identify what consumers require – not necessarily what they are asking for – in their new product solutions.  Support is available through all phases of the commercialization process. 

For Operators


Today’s commercial foodservice operators, across all industry segments, navigate an ultra-competitive landscape daily.  There is a continuous search for any advantage that can be leveraged over the competition.  Marketing campaigns are refreshed on increasingly shorter cycles to retain the customer’s attention, increasing their impact on the operations team.  Corporate financial pressures impress the need to always do more with less – less space, less labor, less money.  It can be a difficult puzzle to solve, but the puzzle pieces themselves may not be the best answer.  Sometimes, a new puzzle piece is needed to fill the uniquely shaped gap that exists. 

Kitchen Thinks assists commercial foodservice operators with new product development to solve specific needs or challenges.  Careful analyses are undertaken to ensure that all aspects of the challenge are understood before a solution is developed.  Intellectual property strategies are considered to help establish a sustainable advantage, where appropriate.  Kitchen Thinks guides the process from investigation and ideation through fabrication and installation, if desired.



Kitchen Thinks utilizes a 3-pronged approach to help ensure a sustainable advantage is achieved - Business Strategy, Technological Differentiation, Intellectual Property

Assist with Intellectual Property Strategies

Product Development Process Management


Coordination of Fabrication

Coordination of Installation/Execution

Assist with New Product Marketing Strategies


Market Gap Identification

Market Research

Internal Interviews

External Interviews

New Product Ideation

Design Charrettes